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Founded in 2020, NS85 was created following its founder working for many years at larger companies supplying a variety of high-performance OEM vehicle manufacturers as well as racing car constructors. It was created to provide a service to clients that wanted to work with an independent engineering resource to improve their own product offering, things progressed from this initial vision quite quickly due to customer demand. 


As individuals we have some core principles that transcend into not just our business but also the way we live our lives. Despite being the harder path as a start-up, we are doing things in the least impactful way to the environment as possible. By embracing and developing new technology our vision is to create a business that sets the standards of efficient working at the same time as providing a working environment that has our employee’s wellness in mind. Being able to do this from a clean sheet of paper is giving us the freedom to design our process’ around this philosophy from day one and not be constrained from legacy process’ or working cultures. 


NS85 is a small team of individuals with a broad range of skills and experiences that are used to working on high performance projects with extensive experience in the very top levels of motorsport, high-performance road car and commercial markets; our services come with genuine pedigree. 


​We offer a wide range of services to provide a complete recruitment solution including project management of multiple vacancies, talent mapping, management development, psychometric assessment, search and selection.  

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